Thwip! Reviews – Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad was an inevitable event to pop up with it (for better or worse) still being two of the big things that are in people’s minds when they mention DC (if you are wondering why, it is ’cause of the movies).

Anyways, I wasn’t particularly hyped about it, but since the Rebirth has been so good to us readers so far, wanted to give it all a shot.

This comic is definitely not a place for newbies to begin with, especially with the end page reveal. Even the Suicide Squad members are more closer to how they are depicted in other comics than they are in the movie (this is a good thing, in the movie they were not even caricatures…but, I digress), so, really, if you are coming into this series only watching the movies, you will get really lost, really quickly.

Anyways, the story itself is all setup, with the Justice League not featuring heavily in the issue. Speaking of which, if you are not following the Tom King Batman series, there is a minor spoiler for the latest issue, so there’s that as well.

I keep getting distracted with housekeeping issues, which goes to show that this is some real comic book stuff going on here…which is why it is hard to say much about the issue itself as it spends time with a good, intriguing opening and the rest of the issue is setting up the titular conflict.

Jason Fabok’s art is good, being nice, juicy, and detailed, though it looks like he still has not shown all he can do yet for this story.

In short, this issue has tons of potential, but is really predicated on the faith of the reader that the next few issues will be worth the build up.

Here’s hoping! Three Thwips for now…


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  1. I have not read anything from the Suicide Squad yet, so, as you mention, this might not be for me. But the cover really rocks.


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