Thwip! Reviews -Batman #13

The final issue for the “I am Suicide” story arc is a surreal journey towards its conclusion. Everything is as promised, Bane (who is still far too white for my liking, but he does go pretty much full WWE on Bats [I would have said luchador-esque, but no mask]) does fight Batman, Catwoman’s story is concluded (for now), and we finally learn what is the point of Albert Wesker (aka, the Ventriloquist).

Tom King is striking a balance between character moments and action, giving us a more human Batman. With the revelation of Bruce’s attempted suicide last issue, Bane’s speech as he proceeds to German-suplex onto the concrete floor is the exclamation point on what this story arc was all about.

While the story has a physicality to it, it is broken up with the far-reaching plans of Batman, which finally shows why he brought his own ragtag team of misfits (I kind of hope this means that the Outsiders are coming). Each and every one of them had a task to play and it was fantastic (and super weird in some cases). There is a mischievously glee to what unfolds in this issue, one can see that Tom King was having fun while concocting the story (Snyder, for what is worth, you can see him working it hard during his run, while King seems a bit more loose and fancy-free with it [but in a good way]).

Then there is Mikel Janin and June Chung, whose art and color palette (respectively) are really what sells this issue’s surrealness and quiet depth. I am in love with this creative duo and hope they continue working together on Batman and/or other projects.

I still don’t get why Bane was naked and not more Latino looking, but other than that, this was a great story arc and satisfying conclusion.

Four and a half Thwips!


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