Thwip! Reviews – Superman #13

There is a good rhythm going on here in the Superman series with these “breather” issues, which this one clearly is.

Frankenstein is confronted by his past and we finally learn what happened between him and the Bride. However, while Superman is trying to keep those two from killing each other and prevent the alien they all were hunting from escaping as well. Hands are full is what I am saying.

Gleason and Tomasi make a perfectly mundane story so much better than it actually should be. This story has heart, character moments, and then reminds us that this series is all about heart an family (those last three pages, beautiful and quiet). This is basically a reminder to everyone out there that even if you want to take some time off from long story arcs, they don’t have to be disposable.

Doug Mahnke’s art is gorgeous as we mentioned before, of particular beauty is Lois’s punch, which gets a full single panel splash. And then there is the Bride of course, whose monstrous details are amazingly rendered to be both grotesque, but beautiful…man I do love Mahnke’s work here.

Four solid Thwips for how solid this issue was and for this amazing series.


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