Thwip! Reviews – Black Panther – World of Wakanda #02

As love blossoms between the Dora Milaje, a world unfolds before us as well.

The most intriguing part of this series is that we are finally seeing a part of the Marvel universe that is not space or New York City, we finally get to learn what is Wakanda. The arguments and issues that arise among the Dora Milaje are representative of the thoughts of the people of Wakanda and it is quite interesting to see them try to reconcile duty and the reality.

While that may be intriguing and interesting, the romance brewing between Ayo and the Captain is not. This is mainly because of the way the story is being told, essentially a series of vignettes that is clearly moving from scene to scene to show the passage of time. However, this makes everything feel forced and goes by the very cliche idea that “from anger, springs love” for their relationship. I would rather they have developed who and what the Dora Milaje are, and grow their intimacy more organically instead of a headlong rush to it. I am hoping that Roxane Gray does take the time to slow it up and that we can grow to like them beyond the idea that we should like them.

Alitha E. Martinez’s art is nice, though nothing spectacular. This is because the issue was more about talking heads than any action, making it feel quite static in that sense.

I still hope for something more than what I am getting at the moment, but it is not a bad issue, just not a good enough issue, yet…

Three Thwips for the World of Wakanda.


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