Thwip! Reviews – Gamora #1

She is known as the most deadliest woman alive, but even that kind of person has a past.

Gamora is all about how her life was with Thanos (who is genuinely interesting in this issue). She is a tortured soul, but maybe her birthday present will cheer her up…slaughtering all those who slaughtered her family all those years ago (oh yeah, she is apparently adopted by Thanos ’cause Nebula is a piece of crap daughter [in many ways]).

The story is good, solid, and engaging. Nicole Perlman has managed to infuse everyone with their own unique voices, which makes this a very readable and engaging story. Gamora might be too much of a guilt-wracked assassin, but the cold but perpetually angry Thanos and the petulant Nebula more than make up for her.

What is the real superstar of this issue is Marc Chechetto’s art which is gorgeous. It has fluidity, body language, and pure awesomeness dripping from each and every panel. There is a well-versed hand at work and is going to help elevate the story that Perlman is weaving for us.

A great debut issue, cannot wait to see Chechetto’s art and see how Gamora weasels out from Thanos’s thumb…oh and also for Nebula to get her come-uppance.

Four Thwips for a superb and solid story.


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