Thwip! Reviews – All-Star Batman #5

The concluding issue of “My Own Worst Enemy” is just like the beginning, a rip-roaring adventure where the twists and turns are fast and free.

Scott Snyder has crafted a great action packed story that ends in a very satisfying Batman-ish way. The way that Snyder handles Two-Face has so far been my favorite out of all the villains that he has touched upon (though, to be fair, I have a soft space for Harvey, I find him more interesting and a better foil to Bats). While the Batman presented in this storyline has been very over-the-top prepared with gadgets and gimmicks, it was nice to see that in this issue he showed why it will always be his brains, rather than his brawn, that is still his core asset (and his humanity, am glad that we are showing the more human side of Bruce these days, though I found Alfred a bit weaselly for my taste).

As for the art, I have grown to like John Romita’s style for this Batman story, I find it very oddly big at times, but that is more my point-of-view than a criticism of his art style. Romita is able to easily and seamlessly transition between action and conversation, making the story-telling even more potent (which is further enhanced by the neon colors of Dean White).

Excellent conclusion, despite the weak-willed Alfred, four and a half Thwips overall.


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