Thwip! Reviews – Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #03

I have been holding out for as long as possible for this comic to get good.

And it finally is coming to fruition.

The one thing that was this comic’s weakness was that it threw the reader headlong into a situation that was not quite explained with characters that it did not spend too much time introducing (except Doctor Strange, who is the least interesting guy there). Now, finally the comic is spending time on the other characters (and even revealed a bit more about who the bad guy is/are and his/their motivation) so now we can finally start to enjoy it. Spending time with the Demon Rider that is Kushala (yes, she (he? hey, I don’t assume gender) was kind of awesome, and Thompson spends just enough time to give a backstory, unfold a bit more of the plot, and even worked in some time with the Mindful One (who rocks). All in all, we are in a good place with this comic.

Then there is Javier Rodriguez’s art. It feels like Rodriguez heard about all the praise that was being heaped on the Doctor Strange movie’s visuals and took it as a personal affront as to what can be done in comics. Rodriguez’s layouts and artwork integrating it all is fantastically done. He is also wonderfully assisted by Jordie Bellaire who shows everyone what trippy, bright colors can do for a comic.

Four Thwips for all!


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