Thwip! Reviews – Ghost Rider #02

This was an odd little comic, mainly because a lot of things happen, but nothing happens at the same time.

The bulk of the issue focused on Hulk trying to hit on X-23 and failing hard because he apparently still is a teenager (I have not been following Amadeus Cho that closely over the years, so no idea how old he is supposed to be in the current 616…Secret Wars hasn’t helped much either, to be fair), and the introduction of a possible ally or possible villain, we have yet to figure out which way this guy is going to land. So yeah, it was kind of light in the Ghost Rider, except for one salient piece of info…he is getting stronger, immensely so.

What that means is that we might be going full DBZ with this comic folks (here’s hoping).

Right now though, this series isn’t grabbing my attention, especially with Cho’s antics, ’cause it kind of diminishes who X-23 (I guess I should call her Wolverine, the other guy is Logan now) is. I know this is an attempt to make a new spin out of the whole Wolverine/Hulk as rivals angle, but it doesn’t quite work.

Danilo Beyruth’s art is good, but nothing spectacular. The one thing I do like is he (or she?) draws a pretty fun action scene and it has a good flow to all the movements, something which is hard to do, so I take it back Beyruth’s art is quite good in that regard.

Will give this series one more issue before giving a final verdict, but this was a three Thwip story for now.


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