Thwip! Reviews – Great Lakes Avengers #03

So here we are, the acid test, the third issue, the one where we know if we keep or we drop.

So, it all kind of has not been worth it.

The book has the humor that one associates with Great Lakes Avengers, but with great humor there must come a great story…or for it to be better structured, it can be all jokes or occasional jokes, right now Gorman is trying to strike up a balance between jokes, superhero story, and just progressing an overall plot and unfortunately it is not working at all. Instead we get another build up issue where the buildup is minimal and the character dynamics are not explored enough (I suspect this is because they provided a villain too early in this story, could have built up to the reveal and the machinations that would eventually cause the team to gel, but the storytelling decisions for the current arc don’t seem to be working…I could backseat edit all day, but in the end, I do not know, this is just my personal opinion).  Gorman’s writing is spot on, just the plots and story threads are not.

Will Robson’s art is beautifully cartoonish, the designs being big, beautiful and lush. Robson’s art is the main reason have high hopes for some, frankly speaking, insane events to just burst, but right now everything is kind of too staid for his style.

Unfortunately, time has run out for the Great Lakes Avengers and we here at Thwip! aren’t continuing with it…a sad one and a half  Thwips and a goodbye for this series.


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