Thwip! reviews – Thanos #1 and #2

I am on a Jeff Lemire binge lately. His amazing artwork on After Death and now Thanos. I read both the Thanos issues of Marvel Now recently. And I am glad to say, it’s quite amazing to see Thanos back in his full on bad guy role. Having stopped meddling in man’s war both Civil and Secret – Thanos is truly a galactic force to behold in these two issues. This is cosmic marvel at its finest. With a dark secret Thanos is harboring, this is a race against time and it literally feels like that. The story flows fast and free and the carnage is to be seen to be believed.

Thanos has returned to the Black Quadrant and is taking over his former empire. Taking out once allies who are now would be conquerors, Thanos shows no mercy as he rampages across worlds taking back his life. 

On the other side of the universe, Thanos’ son is plotting to kill him. Putting together a surgical team Thane is on a quest to take his father out. It’s all quite riveting.

This really is a story about sons and fathers. We meet The Mentor again, Thanos’ father and really that interaction serves to highlight Thanos’ penchant for ruthlessness when it suits him.

Michael Deodato is an old school favorite of mine, dating back to his work on Spiderman. He is quite on fire in these issues. Evocative panel layout, to some great detailed inkwork, Deodato is at his best in this story. Frank Martin does a wonderful job with muted colors, pop art styling as he goes along. Really great to read. Anyone who doesn’t unilaterally agree that Thanos punching a tank is amazing needs to get their eyeballs checked.

Marvel can’t make me pull books of their solicitations anymore. This one succeeds. Thanos is a great little book from someone who is hit and miss sometimes as a writer.

4 galactic thwips!


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