Thwip! Reviews – Blue Beetle #4

A small pause in the ongoing story to do a bit of origin story-telling, a bit of an unwelcome relief though, but hey, we gotta deal with the story that we are dealt with.

Keith Giffen knows how to write characters, I really love how they were written, realistic and cheeky. The story itself was a bit of a tease though, with a bit of exposition about how Jaime gets the enchanted beetle, but there still was not enough meat to make me feel satisfied with the issue. The real bulk of the story is all about the character interactions, which are solid and engaging.

But it is ultimately a pause in the story arc, which made for an unsatisfying issue.

Scott Kollins’s art was a bit inconsistent in this issue, one of the reasons why I recognize that he is good, but not my favorite artist. While there are some great moments of beauty, it is interspersed with scratchy, rushed-looking art which makes me feel that he was under tremendous pressure to get done on time (which I truly appreciate, delays kill comics). I hope Kollins can bring his A-game next issue, ’cause he is a guy whose art can be really great and criticizing him makes me feel bad.

Three solid Thwips for a story that needs to get on with it (mainly ’cause it looks like there is going to be a part two to this “origin story.”)


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