Thwip! Reviews – Detective Comics #947

…oh man this was full of feels (those who know me, that is my major weakness).

The thing about the Victim Syndicate was that it never was about the Victims (sorry to say for them, they kind of do need help), it was all about grieving for the (apparently) lost Tim Drake. I never liked Stephanie Brown (though she had a good Batgirl run, but for me Batgirl will always be Cassandra Cain [Barbara is Oracle obviously]), so while I found her role in this story a bit annoying, since it seems she was never told how Tim Drake viewed what Batman does, the feelings that he others poured into her to convince her not to put her own plan in action (which, considering War Games, I have highly doubtful she could have pulled off anyway), is what drives the story home.

Like I said, it is all about the feels and there were good ones. Even Batman has a glorious emotional moment which may have gone a bit too far, but it’s Batman, everything needs to go just a little bit too far, otherwise it doesn’t quite work.

Alvaro Martinez’s art is good, serving up nice big bold action and excellent poses for the Bat-family to do as they try and sort out the reasons behind why Batman is still necessary. Since this was more of a talking heads issue, Martinez had to find creative ways to keep things interesting in the visual aspect and tries very hard to succeed (not always being successful, but does a good enough job of it that no reason to ding him for it).

A solid four Thwips and a small *squee* ’cause Jean-Paul Valley might be having a bit more of a bigger role in this series, which I am all for (he needs to be redeemed after that crap death in his own series way back when…plus, you know, all that Knightfall/Knightsquest/Knightsend stuff, I guess)


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