Thwip! Reviews – Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #02

I am going to outright say that I really did not have high hopes for this event, which looked to be some kind of movie-tie-in/cash grab to punctuate the DC Rebirth.

But this is so much more than that.

First of all, I am quickly becoming a fan of Joshua Williamson (I will be catching up on his Flash this coming week for a new feature here on Thwip! stay tuned for that coming up real soon) and this issue really shows why. Williamson has the unenviable task of scripting a fight between the Justice League and Suicide Squad and also reveal/hint at what Max Lord is doing and do it all in a meaningful way.

And the guy does it.

While we still don’t know the ins and out of what Max Lord is up to, there is enough screentime here for his “Nightmare Army” to be just slightly deepened enough that you are like, “color me intrigued” – and this is mainly because it seems that at least two of the members of the Nightmare Army are aware that this current universe is different from the last one they are in, thus helping to remind us that the overall mystery of the Rebirth is still yet to be answered.

Tony Daniel’s art is solid, though surprisingly unflashy. Oddly enough, it looks very much to be a DC-house style…in a way good ’cause that means he is now the bar of excellence, in a way bad ’cause that means he didn’t wow me in this issue, I like expecting great things from Tony Daniel.

All in all, a really solid issue for a series that I had little expectations for, four Thwips all around!


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