Thwip! Reviews – Mother Panic #02

The one reason I like this comic is most likely not what the comic’s intent, that is how much it is fleshing out Gotham City.

Mother Panic seems to be a very standard revenge story (being done in a fairly unconventional manner to be said) and is building up quite standardly (I don’t think standardly is an actual word, but I can’t seem to think what is the word I want to say). Everything is just really…weird but yet expected at the same time. I kind of hope that there is a reason why it is under the Young Animal imprint, otherwise this story is really not pushing the boundaries of anything at the moment.

Tommy Lee Edwards’s art is quite gorgeous, but again not a style for me, I am here mainly for the story. Edwards’s style has some really interesting design choices, especially of the main character herself, and I can’t wait until he really lets loose in this series.

Sorry for the short review, it is just a decent comic, that’s about it, average, but certainly not plain.

A middle-of-the-road two and a half Thwips for this.


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