Thwip! Reviews – Vigilante: Southland #03

Everyone is on the look out for “the next big thing” and forgets that a well-crafted story is just as good as something that is new and bombastic.

That’s something that this comic reminds me.

The third issue of Viigilante – Southland hits that sweet midpoint in a story where things are getting just that bit worse before it becomes alright. But just because we can predict how the story might go, it’s all about how it is being told. Cary Philips knows this and is putting out a genuinely engaging story of Donnie as he becomes “The Vigilante” (this version is more interesting than the one that appeared on Arrow). Since this series is playing out like a movie, it makes me wonder about how a sequel would go…or if I would really want one (’cause we all know, most of the time sequels aren’t worth it) – but at the same time, would Southland really become better after this one intervention by The Vigilante? Probably not.

Elena Casagrande’s art is slowly becoming more and more solid, getting to the point that one wonders how she (he?) would do in other series. What higher praise can one heap on someone?  We want to see more and in a wider variety, so let’s hope that Casagrande gets that opportunity once her (his?) stint is over with this miniseries.

Four Thwips for such a really solid issue.


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