Thwip! Reviews – Batman #14

I have no idea what I expected when I read this issue, but it certainly wasn’t this.

‘Cause this, ladies and gentlemen, is the sexiest comic of the year (seriously, very hard to top this in terms of sexiness, though this apparently has a part two, so there might be a contender?)

First thing is first, this is definitely a shout-out to the first issue New 52 Catwoman where the last page is one ridiculous moment of sexy-time between Batman and Catwoman. Many people objected to it (rightfully, though it was also very ludicrously beautiful as well) and it seems Tom King wanted to have a bit of fun with that little piece of comic book controversy – by basically showing how it should have been done.

The issue is all about exploring how Batman and Catwoman work and their dynamics of their flirtation. Deceptively simple, the issue is just a night on the town between the two romantic adversaries…but Batman style. What is great about the dialog between Cat and Bat is how she always ekes out the truth from him, it built depth into their relationship that quickly establishes what is happening in the DC Rebirth Universe. King manages to (in very few words) build up sexual tension and intrigue between the two and have it culminate in a very beautiful night on the rooftops – it definitely was all worth it.

Then we have Mitch Gerards, who was give the lion’s share of the work here.

And he absolutely SLAYS it.

I don’t know how many dump trucks full of money they are spending on Batman, but the artists that DC Comics has been lining up for these issues (Tony Daniel, Mikel Janin and June Chung, and now Gerards) just are bringing crazy amazing artwork. Beautifully designed to not have the action (and there is plenty of it) overwhelm the conversation, Gerards gets to have fun, show-off his skills, and provide a lesson on how to have action tell a story that is diametrically opposite to the words on the page.

This was a perfect issue, seriously. A massive five Thwips for this issue.


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