Thwip! Reviews – JLA: Atom Rebirth #1

Ah Ryan Choi, the replacement that was so sadly dispossessed of his heroic mantle.

But that was pre-Rebirth! He is back! And better than ever!

Seriously, he is.

The hint of his story that we got in the DC Rebirth #1 issue way back when this whole Rebirth thing started is finally fully fleshed out here.

Steve Orlando does a great job reintroducing who Ryan Choi is, making him superbly interesting as a person, something that doesn’t happen as often these days. As we get introduced to who Ryan is (who gets an interesting take on the over-bearing Asian parents, they didn’t want to pressure him into their line of work, telling him to go pursue his own dreams), Orlando takes the time building up the character, taking the time to reintroduce a character we haven’t seen in nearly ten years.

Andy MacDonald has a nice solid style, keeping it light and accessible. Thanks to MacDonald’s art, I would love to give this to a new reader or even a younger reader to get them into the world of comics. While not flashy or anything, MacDonald’s art is like a pack of chips, you can soak it in all day and not get tired of it. I always enjoy his art and can’t wait to see him again (hopefully he will continue with The Atom, ’cause it looks like he is a great fit).

With this solid beginning, I cannot wait to read more about Ryan Choi (and Ray Palmer of course). Four Thwips for a great start.


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