Thwip! Reviews – Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3

Hoo boy, Joshua Williamson comes back with a last minute save for what was looking to be a boring issue.

So what am I grousing about?

Well the thing is, this was quite a bit of setup for what eventually turned up to be a dud. The series had been promising a big battle between the Justice League  and the Suicide Squad that we became (somewhat) familiar with from the movie. The first two issues were a slobberknocker of a battlefest and ended with a cliffhanger that promised a lot…and then we get this issue, which is setting up what the rest of the event is going to be, severely slowing down the pace of the story. However, thanks to a last second reveal, the story seems to have the potential to get back on track, kudos to Joshua Williamson for being able to do that.

Jesus Merino’s art is sadly a bit bland, making everyone’s costumes looking drab somehow. Even the opening scene with Batman was sadly lacking in the awesome that it should have been. While there is nothing wrong with Merino’s art, being perfectly competent and much better than anything that I could do – it still does not titillate or make me go, “I can’t wait to see the other projects he is on!” So, still room to grow, and at least he didn’t make anything look fugly.

An average Two and a Half Thwips for an event that is teeter-tottering on the edge of obscurity.


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