Thwip! Reviews – Superman #14

Gleason and Tomasi decide to change things up and give us a solo Superman family that is (apparently) going to have some major cosmic consequences.

So let’s talk about what is the Big Blue Boy Scout up to.

Let me just straight up tell you, it looks like Tomasi and Gleason are cooking up a story that is going involve ALL THE KNOWN SUPERMEN EVER! Does this mean that Superman 1,000,000 is coming? Possibly, possibly. This story is rife with possibilities and considering that Gleason/Tomasi have been the strongest collaborators in recent memory, I am very excited as to what is coming.

I kind of wish the “Gatherers” weren’t so generic, but I hope they are a part of something bigger, way bigger.

The art team of Reis and Prado are acceptable, but not my favorite combination. The art is very much DC-house style, which is big and bold and beautiful – a style that Reis knows very well and can execute with his eyes closed (thankfully it looks like he kept his eyes open for this issue). While there is not much difference between the style presented in this issue and Doug Mahnke’s from the previous Superman issue, Mahnke had a flair to it that made it eye-catching, there is just something missing with all of this.

A nice Three and a half Thwips for a promising start to a new story arc.


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