Thwip! Reviews – Deadpool the Duck #1

Oh boy, where to begin.

You know what? Everything was just…fine…ish.

The problem with this comic is that it is boring. Trying to bring in the perpetually angry, fourth-wall adjacent, hard-boiled Howard the Duck and Deadpool (you should know who he is by now, he doesn’t need an introduction) together to try and make some interesting “Oh, here is wacky Marvel! Look at them being cool.”

Yeah Marvel, you edgy, like a 45 year old skateboarder.

The thing is that the comic is trying to be wacky (which is fine) and also hard-boiled (also fine), but together it doesn’t work. Stuart Moore does a fairly competent job trying to put together these two disparate elements together, but doesn’t put anything together that makes me want to read the next issue (don’t worry, I still will maintain the three-issue rule). The plot points were clearly telegraphed and the Deadpool jokes felt forced.

Jacopo Camagni’s art is also nothing stellar, which, although supremely competent, does not excite me in any way or make me feel like he is excited about the assignment. It is just another paycheck (again, that is fine, but still, it feels like another day at the office for him rather than something that is going to be infused with crazy energy as we deal with this weirdness).

Two Thwips and a “meh.”


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