Thwip! Reviews – The Unstoppable Wasp #01

(Just a small note, ironically I was nibbling on a balushahi while reading this issue)

This was a roller-coaster of an issue.

Not emotionally, mainly quality-wise.

You see, Jeremy Whitley does a great job on many fronts – he introduces who the hell this new Wasp is, he makes her extremely likable (though the other members of Thwip! will probably be irritated by her), and he tries to establish a new schtick for her that would differentiate her from the other teen heroes that are there. This was a great debut issue story-wise and I actually like Nadia and her portrayal.

The one thing I am going to ding him on is the INS officer’s response to Nadia’s story, ’cause I don’t think any of those would ever by crying over this story (considering it is the Marvel universe, she probably would be supremely jaded about it).

Elsa Cherretier is who I had the most problem with. Her art has energy (which I love) and she can compose some lovely moments, but overall, there are some terrible pages. So let me start with the bad, and then finish with the good (’cause the good is really good). Cherretier’s art when it comes to simple compositions, is terrible, it lacks detail and feels off-model with each panel, and there are quite a few of those pages and so it builds up to be distracting. However! when she does this single page spreads that has a flow-style action it is gorgeous, heavily detailed and exudes the energy that Whitley infused Nadia’s dialogue with.

I hope Cherretier can stabilize the quality of her art, ’cause then she will become a beast in the industry, and that, we can agree would be a good thing.

Ups and downs all around, I give it a Three and a half Thwips!


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