Thwip! Reviews – U.S.Avengers #01

So after reading this I accidentally started singing the United States national anthem and I suspect that it is all Al Ewing’s fault.

’cause Ewing hates me.

Not really, I would be totally floored if he knew that I existed, but I know he exists and when I saw that it was his name on the cover I felt a bit of relief, ’cause I was sure that I was going to get a good solid piece of comics.

I was right of course, that is because I know my comics stuff.

Al Ewing takes this really gung-ho aspect of America and ramps it up to ludicrous levels, gently mocking how “‘MURICA!!!” America can get, while having a bit of fun with the whole concept and giving us a pretty decent premise (actually, now that I think about it, it could have been a bit of cannibalistic, considering that they are going a kind of G.I. Joe route, which is ironic considering that the Joes were originally developed at one point to replace S.H.I.E.L.D. which is the agency that is now hiring the U.S.Avengers/A.I.M. – if you are confused, it’s okay, comic book history folks!). The characters are nicely developed with a nice story-telling conceit that helps make it seem natural why we are getting info-dumped about them, though it is very oddly an (almost) all-white cast (except Dacosta of course, but even he looks more often than not like a white guy in unfortunate lighting situations rather than his naturally brown-skin tone). I found myself in general interested in what weirdness they are going to find themselves in (I am thinking that this is Ewing’s take on NEXTWAVE basically)

I still hate Squirrel-girl though.

Paco Medina shows why he is a reputed name in the industry, flawlessly able to put together this comic. Sure it is basically a house-style, but it was one that he was born and raised in (not literally) and so he does his art duties with laser like precision, no fuss, no muss.

A pretty solid first issue, though I find it a little disposable at the moment (however, this could be me just being burned out on reviewing at the moment, so going to chalk it up to crankiness) – Four Thwips and a Snickers for this issue.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. xmenxpert says:

    It’s not all-white. Toni’s Asian. She even specifies herself as Asian (and into girls).


    1. thewordistry says:

      You are right, completely forgot, and will correct it

      I guess I wanted to say it felt overwhelmingly white? Ah, more my issues with racial diversity these days, it gets to me a little more than it used to back in the day


      1. xmenxpert says:

        Yeah, the book could probably use a little more racial diversity. Interestingly, it’s 1/3 non-white, and 1/3 gay. Half women, though. Ewing is someone who cares a lot about representation, though, so I’m pretty willing to give him a pass here. He’s still doing 4/5 POC in Ultimates, after all.


      2. thewordistry says:

        Very true, I am hoping Ewing will bring us the good stuff for this series


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