Thwip! Reviews : Motor Crush # 2

Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and artist Babs Tarr have a thing for bikes and badass women. And thats a good thing. First a stellar run on Batgirl and now this insane, adrenaline fueled, cyberpunk bike racing story.  Motor Crush is the story of Domino Swift, a hot shot young racer who races in the illegal street race The Cannonball for a drug called Crush, which is linked to her survival.

The previous issue didn’t delve into much of the supporting cast. But this issue we got to see a bit of Dom’s dad, her ex Lola and a whole lotta more bike chases. We got to see a bit of intrigue develop as far as Dom is concerned and we see her relationship with Lola bring things to heat. The relationship between Lola and Domino feels tender and sweet, but not overbearing. It’s almost poignant in the way that it lets you relate.

Motor Crush is fast paced.The story beats flow kinetically from one beat to the next effortlessly. Its augmented by the wonderful art of Babs Tarr. The neon pinks and muted blues impart a sense of motion that is amazing and fits in really well with a story like this. There is a double page spread of Dom and Lo that is quite astounding – in the contrast of Lola’s pink hair almost stopped mid flow and the electric sense of motion the bike skidding across the road imparts.

The one other thing I wanted to talk about is the lettering and panel composition, the whole social media angle, while overused at this point, does quite a good job of conveying a sense of connectivity that is almost pervasive in our lives – as is pointed out by a couple of panels in the beginning of the story where a flying webcam tells our plucky heroine that she is in deficit of 5 lifestreams.

Rollickingly fun and a treat to look at Motor Crush # 2 crushes it.

A solid 4 Thwips outta 5.



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