Thwip! Reviews : Action Comics #971

I enjoy reading Action Comics. I really do. It’s fun and colorful and most importantly it shows a side of Superman we haven’t really seen before.

But this issue was not about that. Dan Jurgens writes a compelling Lex Luthor. He makes Luthor seem earnest in his desires to do and be good. And its craftily fitting in the narratives set in motion during the New 52 run.

The action comes thick and fast in this issue, with the kinetic art of Stephen Segovia lending momentum to the proceedings. You feel a rush watching Superman and Lex Luthor fighting together. They are two contrasting figures, but seeing them working towards a common goal is more exciting than actually seeing them fight. Getting to the same goal taking a different path is much more of an interesting dynamic that straight up head butting.

So while Clark and Lex are trying to figure out how to come back home, we see Lois and Jon trying to figure a mystery on their own. Surprise reveal on the last panel was pretty expected, with the amount of foreshadowing Lois did.

The colors and the artwork really pop, although it’s a DC house style book, it does set itself apart with the sense of motions in the panels.

It’s been a solid run so far, with no real risks taken. This issue was just plain, middle of the road good. Nothing extraordinary.

3 outta 5 Thwips!


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