Thwip! Reviews : Justice League vs The Power Rangers #01

“Batman’s been taken by a flying pink dinosaur robot.”

Somehow that line perfectly sums up my feelings about this crossover. This crossover that no one asked for or needed – is somehow fun.

Full disclosure, I have no idea about the Power Rangers. I have seen a couple of the movies but they were never my cup of tea. I understand the franchise has a massive following and they might actually have wanted to see the Rangers team up with the JL. I certainly didn’t and I went in expecting a cash grab. Which it still is – I mean with 7 variant covers, they certainly aren’t holding back on the we-want-your-money scheme. But also, its actually fun.

Seeing the Black Ranger take on Batman was cool – in the sense that I had no idea beyond that this dude’s about to get his ass kicked. Tom Taylor, of Injustice fame, crafts this issue around the fact that we need an opener to explain how the two universes overlap – and it’s a decent enough explanation. But the sense that this would have been a better crossover with the Teen Titans still nags at me.

The art was serviceable by Stephen Bryne and does a good enough job to frame the story, although I found it stiff at times – which given the martial arts nature of the Rangers might be a detriment when things get really flowing.

Am I intrigued to see more? Yes I guess.

3 outta 5 Thwips!



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