Thwip! Reviews – Black Panther – World of Wakanda #03

The previous issue of World of Wakanda I felt was going down the wrong soap opera route. While it is interesting to see the budding romance between Ayo and Aneka, but I am here for the WORLD of Wakanda, not two members of it.

This issue though made me feel justified about those feelings, because it was all that much better having the two lovers have a backdrop of an unfolding world, which this had in spades.

While Roxane Gay does give a lot of screen-time to the two, she gives an equal amount of time to who else populates Wakanda, namely T’Challa’s sister and the rest of the Dora Milaje. The machinations of Zola are intriguing and possibly cut-throat. I have no ideas how much she is playing all the sides for her own benefit or is trying to keep the peace in some way.

The thought bubbles are hilarious though, kind of reminded me of old-school romance comics, very jarring though overall.

The art by Alitha Martinez is nice and big, though ultimately would be considered more on the “serviceable” side of comic book art than “spectacular.” I feel like Martinez is playing it safe (which is fine), and will eventually have a truly unique style that will be easily identifiable, but for now, she is doing the job in front of her and giving a good go at it. (Not trying to damn with faint praise, it is good art, just not stylish art)

All in all a decent issue, three and a half Thwips and a “I’ll see you next month!”

(I am going to say though, biggest complaint of the book? They go to New York City for their date/vacation – I am so over NYC, bring on Topeka!)


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