Thwip! Reviews – Deadpool the Duck #2

I remember feeling underwhelmed when I read the first issue of this series, and I was right to feel that way.

I know that Deadpool is a cash cow, but he really is a cash cow for a specific reason (Deadpool v Gambit was a good cash grab for those of you wondering) which this comic does not seem to be able to be able to quite just get. I spent most of my time reading this comic thinking to myself, “why am I not enjoying myself?” rather than…well, enjoy myself.

So let met talk about the good, Jacopo Camagni’s art is actually quite fantastic. I don’t know what really fascinates me about it, it is still Marvel house style, but there are angles and designs that are quite fetching.

Now let us get to the story. While the plot is…okay, I guess, it is a Deadpool-ish enough plot that gets you from point A to B to C as it should, but Deadpool stories always run the gamut of absurd, which this comic does not. It feels forced and not amusing at all. Howard the Duck is not a good foil for Deadpool, instead feeling as resigned as I did as he was forced to follow Deadpool through his hijinx.

Since this feels like it is a limited series, will keep following it until it is dead and done, or I am.

A sad little Thwip for this series, but two and a half Thwips for the issue because of Jacopo Camagni.


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