Thwip! Reviews – Gamora #02

Man this is a gorgeous looking book.

Chechetto’s art just oozes glamour as we go from space into a planet on the verge of a singularity. The art has everything you want, which is basically sexy action times. Couple that with great layouts and you got yourselves a drool-worthy book.

A bit of a shame about the designs, which seem more Star Trek (TOS) on a budget rather than an alien world filled with alien people and things (the hoverbike looks like a regular motorcycle with a sidecar, and I think Gamora is wearing a pair of jeans/cargo pants, did she stop at the GAP before leaving for her revenging?)

Nicole Perlman’s story is gathering steam, so this second issue is out to strive to balance between furthering the plot and deepening it as well – which she succeeds more or less. I am liking how tough as nails Gamora is, and the royal heir is fiesty enough, but they still feel a bit more like stock characters rather than actual realized people. Like I said, this is suffering the second issue blues when it comes to story-telling, but nothing too detrimental to put me off.

A solid, average issue with above average art – three and a half Thwips and a fingers crossed for the third issue.


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