Thwip! Reviews – The Mighty Captain Marvel #01

As we all know, I famously dropped out of Civil War II pretty early (by the fourth issue of the main event (which was, holy crap, almost six months ago!) – if you don’t believe me, check out my review here).

So I am returning to the Captain Marvel fold brand spanking new.

You know, if we kind of ignore whatever had been going on in Civil War II, this is a good status quo for Captain Marvel, who gets to show off why she is an actual “captain.” She is strong, bold, and a fierce leader, unrepentant towards the decisions that she needs to make. Margaret Stohl makes her even more likable and more human thanks to the cast of Alpha Flight being a pain in the butt for Danvers in the background.

Overall, this was a solid beginning for Carol Danvers, thanks to Margaret Stohl’s clear vision of how she wants to go about things (and ignore Civil War II, which gets a bit of a passing remark and then dismissed afterwards).

The art of Ramon Rosanas is pretty good, being big and loud, and serves the story well, being appropriately action-y when it comes to it and down-to-earth when necessary as well. I expect he will be a good fit for the comic as he seems adept at changing scenes while keeping things in perspective (and since this seems to be a banter-heavy book, that will be an important skill to have).

Pretty decent issue, three Thwips and a good luck for Captain Marvel


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