Thwip! Reviews – U.S.Avengers #02

This issue showed the reason why I have faith in Al Ewing.

This is fast becoming a fun little story that is just running with its tongue firmly in cheek.

So the first thing I want to address was my comment about how the first issue felt really really white…somehow it has been course corrected and we have a better balance of the color spectrum (especially Da Costa, who looks as he should, a nice chestnutty brown) – though I have to admit I was kind of disappointed that we got Captain America 20XX rather than Miss America (who I like better, but since she is going to be solo-ing her own book they didn’t want to overexpose her or something).

So yeah, this is pretty fun, especially the cliffhanger which is so over-the-top Bond-esque (which Ewing mentions) that you kind of giggle along with it.

Paco Medina’s art is solid, showing why he is such a practiced hand in the world of comics. He brings energy to this fun title and then makes sure that we are able to follow the fast pace of it all. His style is so nice and clear and well laid out that you never feel lost as you go from page to page.

Four and a half Thwips! Don’t be greedy, that’s all you get for such a good issue.


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