Thwip! Reviews – Batman #15

Ah Batman and Catwoman, are you the world’s most dysfunctional couple?

No, that’s definitely Moose and Midge

But the Cat and the Bat are pretty messed up and so are their “children.” In the gloomy corner we have the lost son-turned assassin-turned prodigal son, Jason Todd aka the Red Hood (and also that assassin-turned-brat Damian Wayne), but it looks like Catwoman’s “kid” can pretty much equal them.

So Tom King takes a great little bit of horror-statistic of Catwoman’s 237 murders and turns it into kind of a McGuffin and character moment, showing that she is the Cat we always knew to be.

But enough about Holly Robinson, this is, and has always been, about what do Batman and Catwoman mean to each other – a story that was really neatly done while actually having a plot. Tom King writes so sublimely that the entire story feels like a delicate romance…with tights and capes.

Then we have Jim Gordon, in just a few panels we get a Gordon that we would want to read an entire ongoing series about (hey Tom, fancy writing a new Gotham Central? Kind of would love it)

Then we have Mitch Gerards’s art, with his soft touch really emphasizes the emotional aspect of this story, entwining action and romance in a sweet way.

A great issue that make you feel all warm and tingly…both because of Catwoman and from learning that the next issue is called “I, Bane” which I can’t wait for, ’cause Bane was really underserved in the previous arc.


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