Thwip! Reviews – Justice League: The Ray #01

Another Justice League member takes center stage and this time we have the problem-child of the ’90s – The Ray!

With Steve Orlando writing, the Ray’s story is told succinctly and pretty clearly, establishing who the character is pretty solidly. I never was that familiar with the Ray as a character from back in the day, so he felt like a breath of fresh air. Orlando has a good take on this new Ray and feel like it might be interesting to have the character around for a while.

Steve Byrne is of course a classic superstar and his art is fantastic through and through. Reading this issue with his art was kind of great since it felt like a bit of a blast from the past (in a good way).

A solid issue that is nothing spectacular but is a great example of how to do a done-in-one, origin issue with one wanting more of the character.

Four Thwips!


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