Thwip! Reviews – Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #5

The penultimate issue to the Suicide Squad vs. Justice League, and it is a humdinger.

Reading this, I felt like this is some kind of epic WWE drama that is unfolding around, with reversals, heel-face turns and all of that. It is a good thing, trust me.

Joshua Williamson has crafted a nice little fast-paced story with a character that I have great fondness for (and those who know me, know I don’t have much fondness for villains), but for some reason I really love Eclipso.

So here he is, taking center stage ’cause Max Lord is an idiot (he is, never liked him, though, to be fair, you aren’t supposed to) and now Batman has to MacGuyver together a new Justice League to take down the old Justice League.

Good thing the Main Man is around, ’cause otherwise things would suuuuck!

Like I said, this is a really good romp of a fight, but so far we haven’t seen the real battling yet, it was all the build-up, the hype. I expect next week’s finale will have all the juicy bits and details that we have been waiting for.

But I hope that Robson Rocha is not doing the art, which feels rough, hurried, and not at all that good. He starts off fine, but somewhere in the middle things kind of become muddled and harried as if he were behind on his deadlines (he probably was, DC pushes everyone so hard). In the end, I left feeling dissatisfied with the art.

So, Three and a Half Thwips for this quickly ending event, nice solid issue with some okay art, but could have been better.


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