Thwip!’s Retro Tuesday – Nimona

Tuesday means that Thwip! goes “retro” and talks about collections/storylines that we think were awesome (and still are) – today we talk about the concluded webcomic that saw print thanks to HarperCollins, Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona.

Webcomics have been one of the greatest things that the internet has done for comic creators and readers alike. Giving a platform to those who would normally never even be able to approach the mainstream has been a great boon (and has made these “indie” creators mainstream, ’cause Stevenson on Lumberjanes is fucking awesome as well).

Nimona is a precocious shapeshifting aspiring sidekick who needed someone to be a sidekick to…and she chooses the villainous Lord Ballister Blackheart, who is kind of staid, but also awesome at the same time.

The series was kind of awesome in that at first it was just having Nimona being cute and an oddball while Lord Blackheart is the straight man to her antics. But as the series continued (the webseries, this is of course the entire saga collected, so am more or less talking about the stories progress? you get what I mean in any case), the world expands and there is this looming darkness over who Nimona is and the science institute that she keeps her sights on.

Let me tell you, as we near the conclusion and things are happening, you really start to feel for Nimona and then that last act…oh man, it’s such a heartbreaker that I kind of need Noelle Stevenson to find me one day, pat me on the head, and tell me everything ended up being okay.

I really think this is a series that everyone (comics fans and non) should read, ’cause they will enjoy the crap out of it, and seriously, the feels man…the feels…


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