Thwip! Reviews – Blue Beetle #5

The best thing about Blue Beetle is that this story is really being set up the perfect cartoon to be on Cartoon Network.

It has everything, The Posse, Beetle, the Beetlemobile (also how does that thing stay in the air without anyone noticing? or do people notice and not care?), this Mordecai would be great too to be all toys to be bought for the kiddies (which is obviously the point of cartoons otherwise we would still have Sym-bionic Titan on air *sigh*)

But anyways, Keith Giffen takes a fairly light story (in terms of content) and manages to pad it out enough to keep us engaged and wonder what is coming to next. It may seem like a bad thing, but really this is all setting up for the arrival of Dr. Fate whose New 52 series is finally over and done with and so can finally come to the Rebirth-verse and cause his patented mystical trouble. Anyways, despite the story being kind of threadbare, you still enjoy it and find yourself sitting in anticipation for the next issue.

Kollins is art really shines with this series, he has this nice vibrant style that works with this kids-centric story (also, I would like to say that I love the fact that there are no night scenes, it is all in the day and bright and glowy). Thanks to Kollins you get a real nice youthful energy to the story that is the other reason why you start to enjoy what is going on, despite not much going on either (seriously, it is time to give us something to focus on instead of hinting at stuff).

A three and a half Thwip-er issue that we are still enjoying despite it going not very far still.


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