Thwip! Reviews – Detective Comics #949

The beginning of Batwoman striking off on her own is a fast-paced ride through history and the future.

While we go through one more origin of Batwoman (slightly faster this time thankfully, but she is soon going to have as many origin tellings as Batman himself), it is slightly different from what we know and helps to establish both what drives Batwoman and that she is quite capable on her own.

Tynion and Bennet are a good solid team as they manage to make this such an engrossing read that when you get to the last page you are like, “what? already? dammit, should have taken my time with it.” They have crafted a great solid story that makes us deal with her father, the Colony, and how she is something just as big as Batman.

For those of you who know I have been on a Batwoman reading binge from my other blog knows that I have a severe fascination with the character so am glad with how she has been handled so far (though her lack of a personal life needs to be addressed, I am assuming that that will be done in her own series). I hope Batwoman is still a cast member in Detective Comics, but with her having her own book maybe it will let the supporting cast of Orphan, Batwing, Clayface (and Azrael!) take center stage.

Ben Oliver and Szymon Kudranski’s art is excellent, harkening a bit to the original J.H. Williams III era of Batwoman and really making one feel that Batwoman is someone who can hold a book on her own.

Lots of feel good feelings with this issue as Batwoman takes flight and makes me hopeful for the future of Detective Comics as well as the new Batwoman series that DC will be publishing soon, five Thwips!


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