Thwip! Reviews – Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #6

So I have been up and down about this little event, but I opened this issue with optimism in mind.

After finishing, I feel kind of annoyed.

The main problem with this issue is that it takes the huge-level threat that is Eclipso and dispatches him in a handful of pages (and annoying me along the way, because unless I missed something about Killer Frost’s powers or basic science, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “COLD” ATOMS! I MEAN WHERE IN THE PERIOD TABLE OF ELEMENTS IS “COLD”? BETWEEN NEON AND ARGON?…I don’t mind suspending disbelief, but you don’t have to be stupid about it.) The final battle is kind of overwhelming because we see nothing of it, instead focusing more on Killer Frost being more of a kind little snowflake rather than what her moniker seems to suggest. The rest of the pages are all about congratulating themselves and patting themselves on the back, etc, feeling kind of unearned.

The epilogue was better written though, with the wrap-up and hints at things to come with the first suicide squad…ESPECIALLY SATURN GIRL! WOHOO!

Howard Porter’s art, while a bit too scartchy for my taste was actually quite good. It was dynamic and looked epic as hell, which I think kind of contributed to me being annoyed that the story that Williamson was going for seems underwhelming.

Overall, this was actually a fun little event, which I overall enjoyed (but the “cold atoms” really is bothering me, it genuinely makes no sense, despite this being a universe with Green Lanterns). DC doing these quick little events is so far working for them, because even if you don’t like it, it goes by in a few weeks rather than Marvel’s lumbering mess when it comes to events.

For this issue, I would give a grumbling three and a half Thwips, but overall, the series was a pleasant four Thwips.


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