Thwip! Reviews – Odyssey of the Amazons #1

With the success of the Wonder Woman series, it is no wonder that DC was going to try and spin a story or two off.

Thus Odyssey of the Amazons was born.

The concept is pretty good actually, a story about what the Amazons were doing before there was Diana. This series is high-concept to the hilt, trying to mix mythologies and cultures all in an effort to explain how the Amazons are so varied in size and shapes (they have been collecting immortal women from all over the world) and why they are the fiercest warriors ever (because they have learned to kill everybody and everything during their world-spanning Pokemon-style trip).

Surprisingly, for such an action packed story, there is a surprising amount of dialog between the Amazonians as they try and justify all the slaughtering while claiming to be ambassadors of peace and also just in general being weary from their trip (it has been five years). I kind of wish that the women’s voices were slightly different so that you feel that they are individuals rather than generic tough women.

The art was kind of good, but not consistent. It had a nice cartoon quality that lent itself to the action. But, just like cartoons, it felt that some of the panels were reused or at least aped several times (mainly during the fight scenes) and when there was no action everyone looks different, but when they have to move, all of a sudden they have the same kind of body shape.

All in all, it was an interesting issue that I feel slightly optimistic about, despite some uneven spots. I would give it an optimistic three and a half Thwips and can’t wait for the next issue.


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