Thwip! Reviews – The Kamandi Challenge #1

For those of you who know, I am of course a great fan of the king of comics, Jack “The King” Kirby (oooh, that moniker was helpful, haha).

While Kirby might have died about twenty-three years ago, his long legacy still lives on and what better way to celebrate what would have been the hundredth year of him being on this Earth with artists and writers celebrating with one of his most well-known creations Kamandi (and discussing whether or not he would punch Nazis on the street [in our eyes, he would]).

As far as I understand it, this twelve issue series is going to have rotating artists and writers continuing the story as they see fit, hopefully managing to stick a good landing.

The first story by Didio and Giffen was a fantastic retro homage to the beginning of Kamandi’s roots, giving those who are not sure who or what the last boy on Earth is about won’t be lost at all. The story (which features Jack himself in a delightful little punch-happy cameo) is straightforward and really has that Kirby feel to it, so people who are here for the nostalgia will feel right at home.

The Abnett and Kollins follow-up story is a dense build up of the world and the circumstances that Kamandi is finding himself to be in. It is very Planet of the Apes-esque, but at the same time thanks to the comics medium it allows for a variety of colorful insanity.

There are a large number of good things to say about this issue and I really hope that the rest of the series will follow suit with honoring The King himself.

Five nostalgic Thwips for this issue.


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