Thwip!’s Retro Reviews – 100 Bullets

Revenge isn’t so hard when it is all justified.


Thwip! Reviews – Wonder Woman – Odyssey of the Amazons #2

You know what? This story feels like it came from someone who is a part of the Underworld movie franchise. What I mean is that it is kind of generic, two factions fighting, allying themselves, all to prevent the women to help birth warriors to fight the apocalypse…seems kind of familiar doesn’t it? It’s not…

Thiwp! Reviews – Lucifer #15

This issue of Lucifer somehow has dragged me into the depths of the story that the previous issue didn’t. Kadrey crafts a less loathsome Lucifer and instead puts together a colorful cast that may perhaps be dealing with the Apocalypse, but no one seems too worried about it. Instead we get a bunch of vignettes…