Thwip! Reviews – Green Lanterns #16

First of all, I want to say, this cover is gorgeous.

The rest of the issue is pretty good too if you are wondering.

Sam Humphries has found a good voice for Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, making them young, brash, but ultimately people who want to be taken seriously (and Batman kind of does try, he just [as usual] wants to take the most dickish route). While obviously this has not been our Batman as of late, it is familiar enough that you don’t feel like Humphries does not know what he is doing. The last page reveal also helps exonerate Baz (and Cruz), so in the end this is looking to be a good “gaining respect” story line, much like back in the day when Kyle Rayner went to Gotham to learn from Batman (he eventually got a few lessons from Alan Scott instead, but good enough).

Neil Edwards’s art is nice. It has got a nice open look that makes the comic maintain its “Green Lantern” feel rather than becoming a “Batman” comic (all dark, grim, gritty, and a place where the idea of “blackest night” really gets pushed to the limit). It might not be spectacular and stylish, but Edwards still has a good hand that makes one appreciate all types of art styles.

A good solid four Thwips! for this issue.


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