Thwip! Reviews – Superman #16

The “Multiplicity” arc comes to an end…I guess.

The big problem with this issue is that it kind of rushed head-long to the end, with the main solution coming to (our) Superman saying, “Just trust me.”

Now I don’t mind trusting Superman, but I kind of needed a bit more explanation as to what is/was going on.

What was good about this issue was that Gleason and Tomasi do not mind showing their work or their influences on their sleeves, since this story was clearly a type of follow-up to Grant Morrison’s Multiversity (which is good, would rather DC focus on using the tools at hand rather than making new things and it all becoming pretty much nonsense [though they still should have left Watchmen alone]).

Tony Daniel and Clay Mann are a decent art team, though they have done better work in other issues. The art was good enough, but just that it felt a bit rushed and more workmanlike than showcasing their own styles (which, as I have mentioned before, sure I might get disappointed when it happens, but hey, artists become busy as well).

This story arc was more of a build up to the Mr. Oz situation, which is becoming a bit too big to be tenable, so maybe it is time DC stopped inflating that little balloon of a story and start letting it stand on its own legs.

An average three Thwips! and a moment of silence for Red Racer.


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