Thwip!’s There Will Be Spoilers Review – The Lego Batman Movie

Oh man there is a lot to unpack with this movie, it is seriously dense for a movie that us just barely more than ninety minutes.

This movie was fantastic, and not in the bombastic way that I expected.

For those of us who this movie is not aimed at (and this movie is squarely aimed at children…but gives enough nods to the adults who are accompanying children that they will survive through this pretty easily and even get caught up in the end), it is such a fantastic homage to all things Batman and pretty much addresses the one big thing that Batman has been since the late ’80s.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it talks about Batman being a giant jerk.

The movie is about sharing, but interestingly enough it is about sharing your burdens, a concept I feel hasn’t been seen lately (most of these animated films seem to be more about “believe in yourself” rather than “you can share your problems with others”)

The movie runs right along the lip of disaster in trying to force too much but somehow in the end manages to avoid feeling like a sugar rush of the mind. This is a showcase of how a movie should be, with good editing, writing, and directing all supporting the able voice cast (Will Arnett does the lion’s share of the work and overshadows pretty much everyone, but they get their little sly asides that really help to break up his deliberate one-noteness of heavy metal Batman and punctuate who he is). At one point, due to reasons, we get Lord Voldemort, Sauron, and Daleks who need to be punched, kicked, and blown-up and you kind of take it in stride…AND THEN IT ALL GETS VALIDATED! They just aren’t visual cues, but actual parts that are addressed by Bat-stuff which I really appreciated (unlike in the Lego Movie which had lots of these random things in the background as visual gags).

With fascinatingly bright colors and ridiculously smooth animation, yeah this movie isn’t perfect (but due to minor failings that are spread out than one big SPLOTCH of a fail moment), but it is something that you definitely can kick back and sit especially if you have a young one who can be caught up in the energy (older Batman fans might appreciate things, but might be too jaded to really get caught up in the kiddy moments, it’s all good, but you just gotta accept that you aren’t the real audience of the movie).

Couple of last thoughts:

  1. DJ Krypto is now my stage name by the way, calling it now.
  2. I really like how they reinforced that Batman is a “master builder” a callback to The Lego Movie
  3. Finally Lord Voldemort wasn’t useless

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