Thiwp! Reviews – Lucifer #15

This issue of Lucifer somehow has dragged me into the depths of the story that the previous issue didn’t.

Kadrey crafts a less loathsome Lucifer and instead puts together a colorful cast that may perhaps be dealing with the Apocalypse, but no one seems too worried about it. Instead we get a bunch of vignettes where the various characters have to deal with their little quests that will of course affect the overall story and these tiny stories range from the hilarious (I chuckled at how Lucifer’s mortal lackey (okay, I forgot her name) fled the scene, funny stuff Lee Garbett) to the ominous (I still haven’t figured out if I am supposed to be sad for Takehiko or not yet).

So Kadrey seems to have a solid hand on what he wants to do and I can’t wait to see where it all ends up with.

Then we have Lee Garbett’s angular art which works really well in general (it does not seem particularly aimed at trying to be “Lucifer”-ish, this is Garbett showing why he has a good hand, like it or lump it). The main thing that Garbett has a solid hand on is facial expressions, which is good since this is not a real action packed story, instead focusing on talking heads in various situations (so body language is really important).

Really interested in this story arc (and this is not because I am liking the Sandman Slim series that Kadrey is writing/has written), still a bit confusing but seems worth it, a good four Thwips!


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