Thwip! Reviews – Batman #17


Need I say more?

Oh, wait, I do? You guys, so demanding.

Tom King immediately reverses the strangeness of Bane from the “I am Suicide” arc and brings him back to why Bane is truly one of the most dangerous foes Batman has faced. Bringing the old Bane crew from the “Knightfall” days, King has crafted a deliberate slow pace that is ominous and foreboding and I love it. As you read through Batman’s preparations for Bane and then Bane just…Bane-ing it up and mucking up all those plans with his own machinations.

It’s all just so delicious.

And then there is the art team of David Finch, Danny Miki, and Jordie Bellaire who all need to be congratulated with how amazing this issue looks. It is dark, but not overly gothic, instead displaying the lighter-tone that Batman is taking but yet mixing together with the atmosphere of gloom and doom that is the approach of Bane.

This is a pitch perfect comic, seriously, I cannot wait to re-read this series when it concludes.

Five mega-Thwips! And now we have to wait like junkies for two weeks to pass.


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