Thwip! Reviews – Batwoman – Rebirth #1

This was certainly a comic.

The problem with this Rebirth issue is that Bennett and Tynion IV have the unenviable task of re-introducing Batwoman – which means basically in (less) than the last ten years, Kate Kane’s origin has been shown to us at least four times. Kind of annoying.

I do have to admit, the hints and foreshadowings that Bennett and Tynion IV are dropping are interesting, but having it interspersed with mostly familiar history kind of made this issue a quick rerun of a read. It is all well-crafted, just all about things we know about already.

Steve Epting’s art is gorgeous and I actually am looking forward to what else is he going to do with the series (I hope he is a series regular, he can set a good baseline for what others should do with the character). Sure he isn’t J.H. Williams III, but we don’t need another one, we just need Epting to go and do his best, which he clearly does.

There is love and craftsmanship in this issue, too bad so much of it is a rehash of bits and pieces that we already know and have had covered very, very recently.

A solid three Thwips! And a bit of hope for the first issue of the actual series!


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