Thwip! Reviews – Green Lanterns #17

The second part of the rookie Lanterns meeting up with the big bad Bat.

This was a great conclusion to this story-arc. In the previous issue I took Humphries to task with how he wrote Simon Baz, who seemed more like an angry guy from the hood rather than someone who has been through so much as a Green Lantern, but in this story he feels like a nuanced character who is carrying a weight on his shoulders that is straining his very being.

Batman is also well written, being both stand-offish, but yet at the same time he is the “new” Batman, meaning he is a bit more mellow and mentorly.

(Jessica Cruz kind of gets the short end of the stick storywise this time)

The story felt a bit rushed, but considering how much the previous issue front-loaded everything, it felt just right when you read the two issues in conjunction.

All of this is well-served by the art of Eduardo Pansica which is solid and genuinely fantastic at times. I hope he sticks around for the Green Lanterns series ’cause I have a feeling that the constructs he will draw will be fantastic.

Though not better than this cover by James Harren who is a legit superstar.

All in all, a really enjoyable issue that makes me want to read more about the rookie GL duo – four Thwips!


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