Thwip! Reviews – Mother Panic #3

This is one slow burn of a comic.

And that’s a problem. There is not enough meat to this story, which hinges upon creepiness and hints to a tragic backstory, but none of it is compelling enough to keep me around.

I was hoping that with Mother Panic meeting the Bat-family that…well something would happen, but it kind of was more of the same of people being angry that the Bats are around and not doing enough to save Gotham – so basically more of the same.

The big problem with this story is that it feels like a revenge story that is taking way too long to get to the revenge part. Mother Panic (or MP as I think I will call her) doesn’t seem particularly heroic, which is fine, but she also seems to be taking her sweet time just getting to the point of her whole shtick.

I expect next issue will be more exploring of her background with an incremental step forwards in the actual plot.

Frankly, that’s not good enough anymore ’cause I have forgotten who is who and which person should I care about.

Tommy Lee Edwards’s art, while still not my favorite, is growing on me. The fight scene of Batwoman and MP was littered with interesting iconography and stylisms. Right now Edwards’s is the real draw for the story (pun intended), having such a different art style from whatever else is being put out by DC that you kind of get sucked into it.

Two and a half Thwips for a story that I have lost complete interest in.


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