Thwip! Reviews – Super Sons #1

This is pretty much the perfect debut issue for this new “world’s finest” team.

Peter Tomasi, who has been writing the best Damian and Jonathan stories for the past five years (thanks to Batman and Robin and the current Superman run) is finally letting loose with these two. Tomasi quite clearly has a great voice for both Damian and Jonathan, and manages to introduce how diametrically different they are in such a great way that immediately you want to read all the adventures the boys are going to have.

Unfortunately we only have this issue to satiate our interest until the next one comes out.

Then we have Jorge Jimenez’s art, which is loose, vibrant, and so filled with energy that it is an uncannily amazing fit for the story that Tomasi is crafting. These kids are going to be roughing it, tumbling, and getting into all sorts of hi-jinx which Jimenez’s style seems to be ready to do.

Another perfect issue this week from DC (the other being Batman #17), a full five Thwips!



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