Thwip! Reviews – Superman #17

This was an interesting break from everything that is Superman.

Well mainly because it was about Superboy really.

Tomasi and Gleason craft a really interesting horror story for Jonathan Kent as he deals with his neighbor’s missing cow and grandfather. The mood, atmosphere, and general craziness really played into the story so much that it felt like Halloween was here for all of us (instead of the more garbage “holiday” that is Valentine’s). There is nothing much more to say than just sit back and enjoy the issue, it seems to be a one-off (for now) X-Files-ish story that plays well into the fears a child faces late at night.

The reason why I mention BPRD is that of course artist Sebastian Fiumara has drawn stories for BPRD and Hellboy and his pedigree really shines through here (seriously, if any of the BPRD crew popped up I would have squeed my pants off, seriously). I hope that if they have any more of these X-Files style stories that they bring back Fiumura, ’cause he would totally sell the story with ease.

A nice simple story that hints at things that might be, a solid four and a half Thwips!


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